Finding light in the darkness: A journey through four miscarriages


  • Ariel Gutierrez Angeles University Foundation



Miscariages, Repro-Immuno Deficiency, death, resilience, hope


This paper explores the profound emotional and physical journey of a couple in The Phillipines who faced the rare medical condition known as Repro-Immuno Deficiency (RID) while trying to conceive. The author and his wife endured the heartbreak of four miscarriages and the financial strain of various medical treatments, eventually leading to the birth of their fifth child. The paper discusses the emotional toll of repeated miscarriages, the challenges of accessing specialised medical care, and the financial burdens they encountered during their journey. It also highlights the support they received from a diverse network of individuals and the significance of their daughter as a symbol of hope and resilience.


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Gutierrez, A. (2024). Finding light in the darkness: A journey through four miscarriages. Bereavement, 3.