About the Journal

The aim of Bereavement: journal of grief and responses to death is to improve understanding of grief, bereavement and responses to death in all their aspects and to enhance the quality of support provided to bereaved people.

We publish leading new research and theory alongside articles describing the best current practices and innovations in service delivery and diverse forms of support, as appropriate for particular contexts and communities. Bereavement invites contributions that discuss the contexts of death and bereavement within communities and societies around the world, and encourages dialogue about bereavement and responses to death from a wide perspective and across multiple disciplines.

 We recognise that different communities, cultures and religion deal with and view bereavement and grief differently.  Some groups of people are subject to systematic discrimination and that affects their grieving.  Experiences of the aftermath of death may encompass a broad range of issues beyond individualised grief and be represented by a variety of terms.  The journal aims to be a diverse, inclusive, internationally relevant space, inviting critical reflection on key issues within bereavement research and practice and the aftermath of death across time and space.

The predecessor journal, Bereavement Care, was founded in 1982, and grew to become a unique international journal that set a high academic and scientific standard. In its new iteration as an open access journal, Bereavement seeks to extend its reach across a range of relevant audiences including practitioners, volunteers, academics, researchers, students and all those with an interest in the impact of death on people’s lives.  Accessible and interdisciplinary we welcome acknowledgements in contributions that authors themselves may be bereaved people. In considering the provision of services and support to bereaved people, we also encourage contributions which examine the active role of a bereaved person in seeking and shaping the support they require. We therefore invite new contributors, from a wide range of disciplines, to help open up the topics and perspectives encompassed by Bereavement.