Grief in the school: A review of a participatory project in Argentina


  • Rafael Wainer University of British Columbia, IPA Foundation
  • Alejandro Nespral IPA Foundation
  • Darío-Iván Radosta UNSAM, IPA Foundation



bereavement, grief, children, young people, education, schools


When a member of the education community (student, teacher, administrator) dies, there have historically been few options to process these distressing experiences inside the education environment. In this viewpoint article, we recount the historical and conceptual journey the organisation Fundación IPA (Palliative Ideas in Action) took to actively intervene in the often silenced (and frequently stigmatised) experiences of grief and bereavement in the City of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.


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Author Biographies

Alejandro Nespral, IPA Foundation

Palliative Care specialist

Darío-Iván Radosta, UNSAM, IPA Foundation

Dr. en Antropología Social (EIDAES/UNSAM) Esp. en Bioética (FLACSO) Becario doctoral (CONICET-UNSAM) Red de Cuidados, Derechos y Decisiones en el Final de la Vida (CONICET)




How to Cite

Wainer, R., Nespral, A., & Radosta, D.-I. (2024). Grief in the school: A review of a participatory project in Argentina. Bereavement, 3.